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Personalised customer service & local knowledge throughout the Heartland.

Heartland technology is a locally owned business, specialised in the supply and service of Ricoh multifunctional network printers. Our aim is to help increase your efficiency and allow you to work smarter with the right Ricoh technology.

Our regional branches stock a full supply of Ricoh products, parts and toners, all serviced by highly skilled technicians. This allows our customers the peace of mind to know that if something does go wrong, we’ll be there to fix it within two hours.

We want to see our Heartland communities prosper, that’s why we’re all about keeping it local…

It goes without saying that at Heartland Technology we are proud Heartlanders. We enthusiastically take a lead role every year in numerous local events, both donating and helping raise money to benefit the community and local charitable organisations. We’re not interested in funding organisations where the money goes out of our region, never to be seen again or benefiting our people.

Some of the amazing organisation we support include EA Networks Centre in Mid Canterbury, Timaru Hospice and St John Ambulance Services, the Queenstown Winter Festival and Challenge Wanaka.  

At Heartland, your community is ours and by working together we can support the continued prosperity of our communities for generations to come.

Founding directors, Daryl Young and Laurie Martin had a gut-feeling when they launched Heartland in 2005 that providing unrivaled service, coupled with superior Ricoh technology would give them a sustainable business they could be proud of.

They’ve partnered with Ricoh – a Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporation – who manufacture leading multi-functional printers and provide cutting edge software solutions.


Their goal is to ensure customers have proven technology supported with a dedicated team.

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