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Make Class Time Quality Time With SMART

SMART MX V4 Interactive Flat Panel
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Technology designed to grow with your students.

SMART displays are built to stand the test of time, you can rest assured that today’s technology investment will serve your needs for many years.

SMART’s unique upgradability promise means our interactive displays are not only built to last but get better over time. 

SMART Classroom Interactive Display
SMART ink Windows 11 Interactive Display

Simpler interactive workspaces for better interactions.

The suite of SMART tools included with our displays allows you to transform the familiar environments you know and love into interactive experiences.

SMART’s touch and ink technology allows multiple users to write, erase, touch, and gesture simultaneously, without interfering with each other’s tools.

SMART Ink software ensures superior digital ink behavior, allowing teachers to write over and into web browsers, applications, and files without blocking navigation.

Productive Digital Collaboration

With tools designed to get the whole class involved SMART offers everything you need to keep the learning going without technological interuptions.

Works with your Tech

Our Technology Supports Windows®, Mac®,  ChromeOS®, Android®

and iOS®


Heartland together with SMART offer comprehensive training that works with your needs to ensure the best results from your display.

Tools created
to get the whole class involved.

SMART interactive displays with iQ give teachers more ways to make class time quality time.

They come with free, award-winning software and tools for active learning. Unique student device integrations make learning on devices
more collaborative and engaging.

SMART displays make it easier for ideas to flow, at a pace that energizes everyone. And when students are learning actively, teachers can see how they’re learning and tailor their
instruction to students’ needs.

SMART Collaborative Display Classroom Technology
Lumio Software for Educators

The all-in-one
Digital Learning Tool

Lumio makes it easy to level up any lesson with increased interactivity, collaboration, and game-based learning to engage students on their devices, wherever they are.

Save costs and simplify your tech approach with a tool that lets teachers do it all - plan, evaluate and deliver fun, engaging lessons - in one powerful cloud-based tool.

With SMART and Lumio, you can create learning experiences that students are sure to remember and will want to return to time and time again.

MX V4 iQ 2 students manipulatives.jpg
Smart Interactive Display Family

The SMART Board Lineup

Available in 55", 65", 75" & 86"


Leading technology solutions for all your Classroom needs.

We are thrilled to help you achieve your education goals with Heartland and SMART! Simply fill out our contact form and one of our specialist team members will be in touch guide you on your journey to SMART teaching. Let's make your teaching dreams a reality!

Thank you for contacting us. A member of our team will reach out to you soon to discuss how Heartland and SMART can help you with your educational needs.

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